Saturday, September 27, 2008

Birthdays and Broken Bones.....

Well, I havent given an update on Alec lately so I will do it now. It seems like we see less and less of him each year as he grows up. He didnt come and stay with us this summer and the boys were a little hurt by that but Im sure one day they will understand when they are 'teenagers' and sports, friends, activities become so important to them. We did see him briefly for the week we were in Kentucky in May and were grateful to have had that time with him. His cousins from France have been staying with him this summer. It was probably good for him to spend some time with them. Here is a picture with them (taken on his bday) and his little sister.

He has started High School this year.....yikes. Denver talked to him on the phone after his first day and Alec told him that someone tried to shove him in a garbage can....some kind of freshman initiation, but they couldnt catch him! He goes to early morning seminary and I hear he doesnt care much for it. I dont know many teens that would be excited to get up that early for church everyday of the week. Its hard enough to get them motivated to go once a week on Sunday! Good job Alec for grinning and bearing it, one day you will be glad you did. I was spoiled I guess and got to have Seminary as part of my regular school day.....thats Utah for you! He is taking choir and we hear that he has been working out with the Basketball team in hopes of trying out. However, the latest news is that during a practice for a play that the choir is putting on, Alec broke his hand.......guess that rules out basketball for now. Here is a picture of Alec and his broken hand.
He also celebrated his 14th birthday last month. We sent him a target gift card which he used to purchase a new Ipod Nano. His mother sent us pictures of his birthday party which was held at Chuck-E-Cheese.....I guess you never grow out of that place. Here he is with his little sister Kiana. Good times.

We wont have Alec for Christmas this year although we are going to try and bring him here for Thanksgiving. We are in the process of trying to get Denver's parents here for a few weeks over the holiday and thought it would be nice to have Alec here as well. If it happens, we will have more pictures of Alec to share with you.


turleyfam said...

That was a really nice update. To bad about the broken hand. Jaron started Seminary this year also, & it is excused time during the day. Alec probably didnt want to give up an elective & so had to take early morning. Hang in there Alec!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about his hand. Basketball is such a great sport, and if he plays like his dad did in school, he will be unbeatable/awesome. I will have to send you some pictures/video sometime.

I hope Donald and Charlotta get to visit during the holidays. It will be great for them to get away. I hope he is doing well. I will continue to keep everyone in my prayers.

Your Friend from KY,
Trena Crum-Hotelling