Saturday, September 13, 2008

A New Vacation Destination.....

So, we got the news recently that my Mom and Dad are moving from sunny Las Vegas to Reno, Nevada. It was a bit of a shock at first but now that it is settling in, the prospective things to do in and around Reno are sounding like lots of fun.

1. Lake Tahoe. Ive never been and think it would be a cool place to check out.
2. Its only 3 hours from San Francisco, which incidentally is just an hour away from beloved Monterey, California.....heaven on earth.
3. It has all 4 seasons...although it was always nice to travel to the year round warmth of Las Vegas I am glad that my mom will get her 4 seasons again.
4. Ive never been that far north so everything about it will be an adventure for me!

Mom is excited to leave Las Vegas because she never intended on staying for the 18 years that they have. Dad is accepting a position with his bank up there so it will be a new and exciting challenge for him. Hopefully the housing market is better up there than it is in Vegas! Ian was just a little distressed when I first told him because he thought it meant that we would "never go to Grandpas again!"..... Oh we'll go but it will be an entirely different experience! Exciting stuff~

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