Friday, August 8, 2008

Put to Work....

We have put Ian to work his own request I might add. He did a pretty good job too considering the size of our backyard. Denver had to help him turn it but overall he handled it! Im sure Denver cant wait for the day that Ian can truly do it all by himself! What are sons for right?

Meanwhile, Addison smiled and cheered her brother on....literally. She kept screaming "Dee, Go! Woo Hoo! " She calls both of the boys "dee" and if they are both in the room she calls them "dee dee" collectively. Not sure where she came up with it but its cute. Evan enjoyed the evening with the neighbor friend, dancing and playing the willow branch "guitar". I love summer nights!

We had a CRAZY day today. It started this morning at 11:30 with swim lessons for Addie. They got out at noon and then I had to run her and Evan home to Denver (who came home early) and then back down to Ians school to pick him up at 12:30. I had to rush Ian over to the clinic to get his allergy shot because the allergy dept closes at 1:00 on Friday's. I had an eye appointment at 1:00 as well at the same clinic (different dept) so after the shot we ran downstairs for that. When that was over with we ran home to drop Ian off and pick up Addison who then had an appointment at 3:00 for her 2 year checkup. By the time I got home, I was ready for bed. Funny how its now 10pm and Im still up. I never learn I guess. Addison got a shot today too and was not happy about it. She is growing though and despite being 5 weeks premature, she is in the 97th percentile for her height and the 80th percentile for her weight.

I havent been back to work this week because I still havent received my birth certificate (another long story).....its very frustrating but I should have it by Tuesday, hopefully.

My friend Linda came for a surprise visit Wednesday. We dont see each other much because she lives in Provo and, like me, is busy being a mom. So, I was excited that she took the time to come and visit us. The kids loved playing with her boys and it was nice to just sit and talk for hours. I wish we lived closer to each other. We have been friends for a very long time....18 years or so! Wow. Just typing that made me feel really old. Here is a picture of her from way back when. I think this was taken in 1993..we were in Vegas, trying on funky clothing at a store in Caesars Palace. And another of her and her family (minus Gibson who was in her belly at the time!)
Well thats my update. Not too exciting but Im glad the week is over. Now Im off to read a few chapters in "Breaking Dawn"... yes Im hooked too.


pete/chris whipple said...

I feel very included because I was "dee" also when we visited you!!! That is too cute!

turleyfam said...

Denver will love having a new helper with the lawn. Richard sure does anyway. Keep up the good work Ian!