Friday, August 15, 2008

My first day of work was great and Im actually looking forward to going to work again tonight! The job is fun and something that I really enjoy doing.

Today was day 4 of getting up at 5am and walk/running. I am able to run a little bit more so I can see progress which is great. The scale hasnt reflected anything yet but Im being patient.

Ian has moved into the 2 shot catergory for his allergy shots. He was not too happy upon hearing that news today..... but he took them like a champ and didnt shed a tear. Im very proud of him because I know it isnt much fun! You can see how much he enjoyed it by the picture....

Addison finished up swim lessons today. I think she learned a little although she seems more afraid of the water now than she was before. Im not sure what that is about but we are planning to go to Vegas for Labor Day weekend and hopefully when she gets in Gma and Gpa's pool she will remember how much she really loves the water!
We went school shopping for Evan this weeks and found great deals at Old Navy. 40% all kids clothing. I love sales like that. We came in under budget because of it and that is always a plus! Evan is so excited to start 1st grade he can hardly stand it. Unlike Ian, he gets to wear regular clothes to uniform and its a good thing because Evan is very picky about how he looks. I think he must take after his uncle Nate......oh boy. His favorite piece of clothing is a zip up hoodie with stars on it. He cant wait for it to get cool enough outside for him to wear it.
Addison is not far behind Evan. Everytime we go to the store and pass the kids clothes or shoes, she goes nuts. She pulls out boxes of shoes and trys them on and models for everyone. Thats a bad sign of things to come! Little does she know how bad her mothers shoe fetish was at one time. If you had told me 12 years ago that I would one day only own 2 or 3 pairs of shoes I would have laughed in your face....those were the days.


Alisha said...

I'm glad that you got to work, FINALLY, and that you enjoyed it!

turleyfam said...

Oh the life of a mother :)