Monday, August 4, 2008

2nd Grade......

Today is Ian's first day in the 2nd grade. He hasn't been too excited for it and was convinced he was going to hate the 2nd grade. That was until we bought him some new Sketchers. Apparently having the right shoes can make or break your attitude toward school. Luckily we were able to change his attitude and he was excited and ready to go this morning. His new teacher is Ms. Burt who seems wonderfully nice and organized. In fact this is exactly how Ian's first grade teacher described her in an email to the parents.....after meeting her this morning, the description was very appropriate! Hopefully she will pass on some organizational skills to Ian this year.

I wish I could join all the other moms out there that are sad to see their kiddos go back to school. I was sooooo ready for this day. Not because I dont adore my sons, but, this has been a rough summer full of constant bickering, arguing, teasing, and full on fighting which at times had me worried that they might actually be losing limbs, eyeballs, and hair. They are so close in age and ever since Evan turned 6, he has started to exert some independence from Ian....which includes sticking up for himself. That hasn't made for a harmonious household. It is going to be nice not having to play referree all day long! Its also nice to be able to get back into a schedule again. Getting up early is not exactly something I love doing but I always get more done with my day when I do so I am looking forward to it!

Good Luck Ian! I hope you enjoy your first day back to school.......You are growing up so fast :(

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