Monday, May 19, 2008

Good News - Bad News - No News......

So they say that no news is good news right? Except of course when you are waiting for money from the news means "you aint gettin any". This only means we are still broke, and that certainly is old news. Other than that, we are getting ready to leave for our trip to Kentucky. We are leaving tomorrow and of course I have nothing packed. I havent even made a "trip list" yet. I will be making this list immediately following this post. We will be gone for 8 days and I can pretty much guarantee you that I will not be posting anything during that time however, you can expect a full report with slideshow the day after we return....maybe even the night of if I'm up for it. The kids can hardly wait....and I am just as excited to be traveling with 4 children by car and by plane, not. We are driving to Las Vegas (6 hours) then flying to Detroit, Michigan (3 hours), then driving to Drift, Kentucky (another 6 hours). All of this with 4 kids. Then repeating the scenario coming home. Lord help us. Oh, and just to make the trip even more fun, we have been volunteered to speak in church that Sunday in Kentucky. Good times.

Ok, If I have time before I leave, I will document, in film, Addison's new and amazing skill. She has taught herself how to sommersault. Im not sure where she learned it although I have a feeling Evan had something to do with it. It is very cute to watch her do it over and over and over until she hits something. Then if she is in a really good mood (and not too injured from slamming into the couch or wall or table....), she will jump up and show you her dance spins. Very entertaining. I think Im going to enroll her in a gymnastics class when we return.....she seems to be a natural.

Now, I am going to go pack and clean and register my vehicle.....and probably pray for forgiveness for the hateful things I have said today about the IRS and other parties involved in taking my hard earned money.


Alisha said...

I hope you all have a great and safe trip! Tell everyone hi for us! I know that they will be thrilled to see the Utah Shannon's in Kentucky. We will look forward to many pictures and a detailed report of how everyone is doing!

turleyfam said...

Are you home yet? I am missing your fun updates and love to see the pictures. Marcy