Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good Job Denver....

Kudos to Denver for finishing another semester of school at Westminster. This makes 3 semesters under his belt. This last one was a bit stressful though as the anticipated work load was far more than expected. Especially the Art class. Not only was it nothing of what he expected, the teachers expected him to attend numerous functions throughout the semester that were Art related. Dance performances, music performances, art showings.....etc. Granted it would have been enjoyable Im sure to attend all of these functions but we had neither the time nor the money to do it. He expressed this to his teacher in the beginning and actually asked her if she would let him out of the class because if he didnt get at least a 'C' grade, he would have to re-pay Boeing for the tuition. No thanks! She encouraged him to stay in the class but we were very nervous about his final grade. Well, he got a 'B' in the Art class and a 'B+' in his History class. Whew. I know he is relieved and so am I. For a 37 year old working husband and father of 4, those are fantastic grades!

In other news Addison has decided that taking her diaper off in order to poop on my floor is a much better alternative than going in her diaper. She probably figures it is less of mess! Huh! How 'bout the toilet little girl?!?

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Alisha said...

Sounds like Addison is getting close to being potty-trained if she is taking off her diaper to you just gotta work on the location. Ian's speech is awesome...I'll say it again he is lucky to be a part of a program at school that challenges him! Happy Mom's Day!