Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another Lazy Sunday......

I worked last night and could barely keep my eyes open. They were burning with fatigue by the time 4:00 a.m. rolled around. I couldnt get out of there soon enough. There is nothing worse than typing away on the computer and then suddenly waking up and realizing that 10 minutes have passed while you sat and snoozed with your hands on the keyboard. I think I might lose this little job of mine if I dont wake up! Time to buy some no-doze I think. Really though, I feel like I age 10 years every weekend that passes on this shift. I dont know how people do it 40 hours a week. It would kill me.

So, because I was so tired, I must have either forgotten to set my alarm or turned it off hastly without really waking up (which is probably what happened) and went back to my peaceful slumber because when I woke up (the first time) it was 8:45 a.m. I had been asleep for roughly 4 hours. Hardly rejuvenating. I was supposed to teach a lesson in primary today....I hope they are understanding because, needless to say, we didnt make it to church this morning. So, I went back to sleep for 2 more hours and then we decided to go on a drive. We went to Coalville, Utah....Echo Reservoir, for some fishing. Or at least we got to practice our casts! No all. We did see lots of deer poop though and the boys found a deer skull with its teeth still intact on one side. They have proudly brought this thing home....Im supposed to clean it up so they can take it for "show & tell" at school. Gotta love boys. We stopped to eat at a little place called "The Polar King" wouldnt you think of this as a Dairy Queen knockoff? Not this serves everything from burgers to Gyros and "the best Mexican food in Coalville" which shouldn't be very hard considering its the ONLY Mexican food in Coalville. We had smothered burritos and chicken fajitas. I have to say they werent too bad either. Not authentic in any way, shape, or form but delicious and greasy nonetheless.

We are home now and I am thrilled not to be going to work tonight. I traded my shift out so I could enjoy Sunday with my family. Working weekends isnt always ideal. Ian survived being outside thanks to the myriad of allergy drugs he is on right now. The poor kid has it bad. He had a recent appointment with his allergist and was unable to take any medicine for 5 days prior to the appointment (not that the Zyrtec was working anymore anyway) and by the time the appointment got here, Ian was begging to see the doctor. I wish I had taken a picture of his eyes. I cant even describe how gross they were. The nurses were freaking out, and hurried his testing along so they could give him eye drops and medicine. So, everything is working wonderfully now and he is allergy free as long as he is taking the meds. Ian was so miserable that he has agreed to get allergy shots. His doctor said that because Ian is only 7 years old and his allergies are already so bad, and they will only get worse as he ages, then he is a perfect candidate for Allergy shots which after 5 years will nearly get rid of almost all of his tree, grass, and weed allergies. Even his allergy to animals will be reduced to nearly nothing. The only thing it wont touch is the food allergy that he has. That is a whole different monster. I explained all of this to Ian and he gladly accepted and said "mom, I dont EVER want to go through this again so I will take the shots".... that is a HUGE commitment considering how Ian feels about shots. Poor kid. I take the blame for passing the allergy gene along. Denver doesnt have any allergies. We tested Evan also on the same day and he didnt have a single reaction to ANYTHING. Flora, Fauna, or Food. Zilch. Ian took em all. I guess there are some good things about being born second. Unfortunately, Evan isnt in the clear though. The reason we tested him was because of his chronic ear infections, nasal problems, continuous flow of get the picture. Turns out he will most likely be getting his adnoids taken out. Not his tonsils though. This should solve all of his problems though and it is a much more temporary problem than having allergies so we are grateful for that small miracle.

Ok, looks like Ive rambled a bit. I'm siging off now. Hope you all enjoy your weekend.

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