Monday, October 29, 2007

An Update....kindof Late

Well sorry for slacking on the blog this last week. I feel like I havent had much time to breathe let along sit at the computer for an hour. No major trauma's this week thankfully. In fact I cant figure out why I feel so busy..... I guess it's just that time of year. It is 7am and I just got home from work. Why am I up you ask? Well, today is Mr. Ian's birthday.....he is officially 7 years old. We are having a party for him at Fat Cats (bowling alley/pizza joint) at 11am and I still need to finish up the cake. That is whyI havent gone to bed. Right now I am waiting on the frosting to come to room temp so I can frost the cake. Luckily I was on top of things yesterday and did all the major prep work so this morning I just need to put it all together. IT is going to be one very COOL cake....if I do say so myself. I will post pictures of it and the party later today or tomorrow. Anyway, I still have to shower too so there is no point in going to bed now. I will try to get a nap in after the party before Denver goes to work.

Tonight as I was getting ready to leave for work, the boys were in the bathtub. You know Ive mentioned how much of a little fish Addison is....she loves the water....well, she really wanted to get in the bath too. It was all I could do to keep her from climbing in with them. THen I went upstairs to get my shoes on........well, you can guess what happened next. Here is a picture of the little guppie in the tub with all her clothes on. She is crazy! So cute....but nuts. She cracks me up daily with her little faces she makes and her singing and babbling. She has really got a personality. It will be fun to watch her grow and start really talking. She is just so much fun. I am so glad to have her in our family.

So, here are some cute pictures of my nephew Soren. He is growing fast too. Babies dont stay little for long. He is such a cute one too! Nathan and Alisa are settling into parenthood just fine it seems. It is fun to watch them all goo goo and in love with their little boy. Its just something you cant describe until you have one of your own!

So I finally made it back to the gym. Yes, I know I posted a while back that I was going to lose a certain amount by Christmas. Yeah....well, forget about that. But, I am finally doing something about it, so maybe by spring I will get there. I met with a trainer the other day while he weighed and measured me (fun times) and told me I was obese.....ok he didnt say that, but still. He is a cute kid (probably only 23 years old) who competes in body building. It was torture standing there on the scale.....oh well. I got it over with and have a starting point so now begins the long arduous work that is getting in shape. My body loves it's fat and hates losing it so Im sure Im in for a long year with not a lot of results. I just want to be healthy again and mostly I want Addison (and the boys) to see mommy practicing good habits so that maybe they wont have to suffer with weight issues one day. So, even if I dont get nice and skinny, at least I will be exercising and eating good and feeling healthier right!? Oh who am I kidding.....I REALLY want to fit in my skinny jeans again.

So work is going pretty good. I really like the job itself. I guess Im doing pretty good because tonight I had my 30 day evaluation and what takes most people the full 90 days to reach I have already reached (speed/accuracy). My supervisor was so impressed that she is allowing me to listen to my ipod before the 90 days are up (usually you have to wait). So, I was pretty happy about that. Im still trying to get used to my funky schedule though. This weekend was rough actually. You see Friday, I get up at 6:45am to get the boys off to school. By the time I get back, Addie is up so there is no going back to bed. Im such a horrible napper that I dont get around to napping later in the day either (so much to do you around the house) so then by the time I go to work at 10pm and work 8 hours, Ive been up literally for 24 hours straight. Saturday I would normally sleep until about noon or 1pm but this weekend Denver had to work on Saturday. So i was up at 11am after going to bed at 7am...4 hours of sleep. Then of course no nap during the day and off to work again that night and Sunday I have to teach a primary class at 11am so I only get about 2 hours of sleep on Sunday. I would have taken a nap after church except I needed to get Ian's cake going. I ended up taking a 2 hour nap later that night and then off to work again. Which now of course I am home and not sleeping..... so, 6 hours of sleep in the past 3 days! Yikes. Im thinking that Im going to crash big time this afternoon. Anyone want to come and get my kids so I can sleep! Ha ha. Wouldnt that be great. Anyway, Ive got to start taking naps I guess. Im just so horrible at it. But, I do like the job and the hours work out great. I love being home during the week and I get so much more done.

Well, not a huge update really but I will post again later with pictures from Ian's birthday and of course I will post again on Thursday with Halloween pic's.

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