Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween, Graveyards (shifts that is), and Zombies

So, Halloween is coming up and everyone has dilligently decorated their houses except me. In fact Ian asked me the other day why we didnt have anything up? He said "our neighbors house is creepy and they dont even have kids!" Well! This, sadly, is true......they do not have children and yet their house is decorated in the required Halloween attire...if you can call it that. So, feeling badly that I wasnt accomplishing the requirements of the "cool mom" like MY mom did all those years ago, I went to the store to pick up some additional decor and made our house look a bit more creepy than it did the day before. Happily my children are still young enough that $1 skeletons and 'make it yourself ghosts' are good enough for them! Im not sure where I got my boring attitude towards Halloween. Any of you that knew us when we were kids can attest to the fantastic creepiness that was the Ries house on Halloween. My mom knew how to do it. SHe didnt hold back either. We had fog, and tombstones, and creepy monsters that glowed in the dark....and lets not forget the scary music she pumped through the window on a record player stereo! I knew a lot of children in our neighborhood that wouldnt even come to our door for treats. We always had a lot left over because of this fact....hmmmmm....maybe thats what moms game was.....scare em off so she can keep the chocolate. I'll have to consider that one. Really though Halloween was a blast when I was a kid so I cant figure out why I dont care for it now. My inner psychologist says it is because I lost a pivotal costume contest when I was 18. Perhaps.......I am still bitter about that...ha ha.

Well, anyway, this year my kids are going for the goulish look. Evan will become a mummy and Ian will transform into a zombie on Halloween night. Fun fun fun. They want me to dress up too but, that may be going too far for me this year! Funny story though, Ian asked me the other day if it was scary working on the "graveyard shift"....hahahahaha. I love kids.

Speaking of my graveyard shift, I did start it on Saturday. It was OK the first 6 hours but the last 2 I nearly died (maybe thats why they call it 'graveyard' ha ha ha... Ok no more graveyard jokes). It will take some getting used to. Thankfully last night was my last one for the week. The job itself is very easy....monotonous but easy going. I will be glad when I get off of probation so I can listen to an ipod. That will help pass the time. I think I am going to be a big fan of audio books. Right now I think they are a form of cheating~ I love to read and feel like listening to someone else read just doesnt cut it. But, I am willing to try it because I hear it really helps work speed by.

In other news, Addison has embraced her inner actress. SHe has started that stage where toddlers start make believing.....I caught her holding a little baby doll yesterday and she was bouncing up and down saying "shh shh shh shh" cute!! She is the sweetest little girl......sometimes. SHe can also be a stinker but that goes along with her fun personality so I forgive her! I took these pictures of her thinking the black and white would kindof hide the black eyes but unfortunately she looks like a zombie herself. Oh well, I have decided to give her the "mohawk curl" on top since she refuses to grow anymore hair up there and bows arent even an option right now. At least she has some curl and it helps to make her look a little more girly!

Have a good week!

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Alisha said...

Cute pictures! My kids love halloween...I think it is their second favorite holiday next to Christmas. Hope the graveyard shift works out...I'm sure it will have it's moments just like any other job.