Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Addison update....

So, yesterday I noticed Addie was not as sure on her feet as she normally is. She kept losing her balance and falling down. This, combined with a random pile of throw up I found in my dining room and the fact that the bridge of her nose was looking 3x the size it normally is, made me call the doctor. He looked at it and decided it could be fractured (her skull) and possibly bleeding underneath the skull....hence the wobbly walking. He sent me right away to Primary Childrens Hospital for a CT scan of her head. She really didnt like that much since they straight jacketed her to the platform. She was very angry to say the least. Anway, it turned out OK. The doc said it looked like there may have been a hairline fracture but that it was already healed and she should be fine. No broken nose....which was what I thought was wrong.....no bleeding skull (can skulls do that?) Just banged up really good. We are very relieved and hope not to have to go through this again.... Here are a couple more pictures of the beautiful girl and her nasty bruising! Luckily she wont stay this way....poor baby......


Melanie said...

Scary, VAnessa! No wonder you were at Primary Children's - I wish I would have known, we were there until Tuesday night and it would have been nice to see you. I'm so glad everything is well with Addison...hopefully no more injuries this week.

AmandaS said...

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