Tuesday, October 16, 2007

An Ode to Ian...

This post is dedicated to my first born...Ian. A friend of mine said the other day that our children will hate us one day when they find out what we posted to the world about them on these blogs. Then today I told the kids we were going to go the city library this weekend to get our own library cards. This reminded me of THE MOST hilarious story about Ian. And, being that this blog is a sort of journal for me and mine, Im going to put it in here just so I never forget it....here it goes.

~We are at the public library in Mesa, Arizona. Ian is 3 years old (maybe 4). I am in a huge line to check out books and of course Ian starts the bathroom dance. At this point in his life, he will only go to the bathroom when it is coming out and there is no other choice but to go or change pants. I point to the bathroom which is technically outside of the library. It is within sight while standing there in line so I tell him to go ahead and I will be there in one second.... When I get to the clerk to check out my books and begin discussing my late fee from the last visit I hear giggling. I look up to see my beautiful child standing in the middle of the outdoor plaza....pants (and underwear) down to his ankles, shirt pulled up to his armpits....screaming "mom I need you to wipe my butt!!!!!" over and over and over. I remember feeling nauseated for a second then humiliated then I just started laughing. Im sure there were some in line that didnt find it so hilarious but really....what was I supposed to do at that point. The clerk graciously held my place in line so I could attend to my son. And then, she even more graciously waived my late fees. What a doll. The worst part about this story is that it wasnt the first time it had happened. Yes.....repeat the scenario only change it to McDonalds. I didnt even realize that he had run off to the bathroom and as I sat there eating french fries I heard someone screaming mom! mom! mom! I thought it sounded vaguely familiar so I looked into the restaurant (from the playarea) and almost threw up. There he stood in the middle of the restaurant butt naked (yes he had taken off his clothes) begging me to come and wipe his butt. So, I guess I deserved it the second time for not assisting him right when he needed to go. Needless to say, after the library, it NEVER happened again. My only regret......no camera to capture such awesome memories!!! ~

Ian, when you read this blog 10 years from now my only hope is that you will laugh as hard as I did over it. ILOVE YOU!!!

I threw in these 2 pictures taken tonight at Ian's soccer game. She was flirting with anyone who would look at her. Then she got a hold of my phone and wouldnt give it up. In fact she threw herself upon the ground screaming when I took it......bad sign of what is to come!!

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Alisha said...

Missing the Shannon's update...hope all is well!