Friday, July 15, 2011

A Visit from Marcy.....!

I was so excited to receive a call from my cousin Marcy a couple of weeks ago announcing that she was coming to Utah! She was taking her oldest son's to BYU for volleyball camp and going to spend the week here. The best part....she wanted to stay a few days/nights with me! It was just what I needed....having a girlfriend here to chat with and keep me company. She brought her youngest son, Camdon, with her and my boys were thrilled to have him as well.... Here is Camdon who is always ready and willing to take a great picture (wink, wink..)

We had a great time. We saw a couple of movies and of course we made the mandatory visit to Temple Square

*warning: a lot of pictures to follow....*

I was pretty much invisible for the entire time that Marcy was with us. Addison thought she had died and gone to heaven with Marcy here. She was spoiled and so infatuated with "aunt" was cute and I didnt mind a bit. She was pretty sad to see her go....

It is difficult to take a bad picture of this temple. Gorgeous.

The day after the temple, we went up the hill to Red Butte Gardens. This is another place where it is difficult to take a bad picture! So beautiful....

Thank you Marcy and Camdon for visiting us! We hope you can come again was so much fun!


pete/chris whipple said...

Not sure if my comment posted so here's another in case... You can sure tell you girls are related! What beautiful pictures and post!

Turley fam said...

Ahhhh, that was so SWEET Vanessa. Just barely saw this post. We LOVED coming, LOVED our stay with you and HOPE to be able to do it again soon. THANK YOU for the WONDERFUL hospitality. So FUN!!!
(p.s. I'm glad you got some great pics as well because I lost ALL of mine. So frustrated. Tell you about it when I can talk about it.)

Turley fam said...

I'm ready to come back. Unfortunately my schedule won't allow it. Just looked at the pics again. Dang that garden sure was beautiful.