Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More 4th....

Before I moved into student housing, we lived in my Grandma's neighborhood just down the street. We also went to her ward (church). I have missed that ward greatly since we moved and think I may go back. Every year this ward has a pancake breakfast on the 4th.

It's a pretty big deal and they encourage former members of the ward (like us) to come back and attend. We did just that. Bright and early we trudged over there for breakfast and a kiddie parade of bikes and scooters. It was a lot of fun seeing the familiar faces. It just felt like being home again... I miss going to that church.

Since we watched our fireworks early on Saturday night, I had no plans to go see any more fireworks on Monday the 4th. We decided on having a BBQ with some neighbors that we go to church with here in our apartment ward (church). Technically,fireworks are not allowed on any campus property, including family housing which I think is so lame (especially since the fire department is across the street). But I did buy some sparklers and thought we might go to the park and light them.

Our neighbor Seth had a different idea. He had bought some "baby" fireworks (smoke bombs, spinning flowers, etc) at Costco for his little kids and invited us to watch out on the basketball court.

Pretty brave considering the rules...of course someone did call campus police on him but they didn't show up until after he had finished. We walked out to the edge of the property and finished up our sparklers...

Sadly, the wind picked up and blew a chunk of sparkler onto Addison's foot.

I didn't realize just how badly she had been burned until we went inside. Kinda put a bummer on the night. But it was a nice relaxing 4th and I have to say one of my favorite holidays!

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