Thursday, May 26, 2011


This week we learned about a new virus called Fifths Disease. Or, Slapped Cheek Disease whichever you prefer. Anyone heard of this one before? Well I have 3 kids, one of which is 10 years old and I have never heard of it. I mentioned in an earlier post about Ian's tooth that was hurting him and I think I mentioned that his cheeks had gotten all red and puffy. We thought his tooth was infected or something, causing his face to react. Nope. Fifth's Disease. It starts with a fever usually...which is often so low grade it isn't even detected or noticed. Once the fever breaks a rash appears on the face giving the appearance of "slapped cheeks"....

Then the rash moves down to the torso and arms/legs.

Once the rash appears they are no longer contagious which makes it hard to control because most of the time the kids rarely feel sick. Once you catch it, you are immune to it. So, there you go. That is why Ian's cheeks were so red that weekend.This week Evan has had it along with 3 or 4 kids in his class. It's going around the school. It is pretty common to catch in the early Spring. Adults don't usually get it because they more than likely had it when they were kids...but if they do catch it I hear it causes intense pain in the joints. Yuck. Im hoping I already had it.

We went to Evan's school the other night for the Bonneville Bash. It is a yearly carnival that the school puts on to raise money for its art and music programs. It is usually a lot of fun. This year, because of the darn rain they had to move it inside which made it not as enjoyable. But I think the kids still had a great time! Ian took a turn in the dunk tank and was proud of himself for remembering to take his shoes off....

Unfortunately he forgot to take his socks off. Silly kid. Addie enjoyed the face painting and the nail painting stations.

Of course there were a lot of yummy things to eat too! I tried an Asian Taco. Interesting, but not something I would eat again.

I just got this picture from a friend of mine who's daughter sang in the choir with my boys. I thought it was so cute and a perfect moment to capture. When Evan finished his little acting part during their performance (he played Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid during the song, Kiss the Girl....where he had to actually kiss the girl playing Ariel) the choir director got on the microphone and said "everyone give a big hand to Evan for being such a great sport"..... This picture shows him just as she was saying that. You can see that he is embarrassed but I love that all the girls are grinning and looking at him and his friend Carson to the right of the picture looks like he is embarrassed for him. Too cute.

Im so sad I didnt get that part recorded. Stupid camera. I have to wait for the actual DVD of the concert to finally get his performance posted :(

Yesterday I took Evan to the dentist. Afterward we went grocery shopping to let the numbness wear off before we ate lunch. We decided to hit Costa Vida for some yummy pork tacos. After we ordered our food and were getting ready to sit down, look who walked in the door!

It made for a fun little impromptu family lunch....and we got to see cute little Jude which is always a treat.

Well, it's Memorial Day weekend....anyone doing anything fun? We are just going to stick around and eat good food. It is supposed to rain....again....all weekend so no big outings planned. Hope you all enjoy the holiday!!

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pete/chris whipple said...

So fun to see your fun with your brothers and kids!