Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another Week Gone By....and the World Did Not End!

This week has been pretty if that is anything new. Tuesday I started my Summer Semester classes. Im just taking 2 classes though so it should be a fairly calm one. I needed it after the last one! But, I was happy that my hard (stressful) work paid off as I finished last semester with a 3.9 gpa... Yay!!

 Spring 2011

ENGL  3310  Intro English Grammar   3.00   3.00    A
ENGL  3510  Writing Fiction         3.00   3.00    A
ENGL  3600  Intr Critical Theory    3.00   3.00    A
    Upper Division Comm/Wrtg
ENGL  5880  Children's Lit          3.00   3.00    A-

Wednesday was the Pinewood Derby for the Cub Scouts. When Denver was in town last month he took their cars back to South Carolina with him to carve the shapes that the boys chose for their cars.
Then, he mailed them back to us and they got painted and put together.

I felt bad because I couldnt get the wheels attached on Evan's car and I think it went pretty slow because of it. He was a good sport though and didnt get upset over it. It was bittersweet too because it is Ian's last Pinewood Derby.

Next year he will be in the Boy Scouts :( He has been so lucky to have the same den leaders from the very beginning. They have been such fabulous leaders and have really helped Ian (a lot more than me...) obtain all his awards and badges.

Thursday Ian had his annual school piano recital. He did a great job as usual but I'm not allowed to post the video because he thinks he messed up too much....I am going to respect that request even though I thought he did just fine.

After the recital I took him to the dentist. He has had a tooth that has been hurting him for a week or so. Over last weekend his cheeks got really red and swollen and he couldnt even eat cereal! We knew he had a couple of small cavities and were scheduled to have those filled in a couple of weeks but I guess they got really bad, really fast and he ended up having both of them pulled. Ive never heard Ian cry out like he did during the shots. It was horrible and hurt him so badly....Poor thing.

Friday the boys had one more concert with their choir. They performed for the students at the McGillis School to thank them for allowing the choir to use their school for rehearsals.

And finally, today Ian played in his last soccer game at eight o'clock in the morning. I think whoever chose to have 8:00 am soccer games is just plain mean. Ugh. But on a good note, after 3-4 days of straight was a beautiful 70 degrees and sunny today. Here is Evan enjoying the weather at the game.

After the game, me and Ian and Addison went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Evan was at an all day birthday party, also seeing the same movie. We had a great time and now we are all decompressing from our busy week.

The end. (but thankfully not THE in the Rapture...haha....)


Alisha said...

Busy, Busy, Busy. I don't know how you do it all with Denver in another state!

Turley fam said...

Whew, busy lady. You do have quite the schedule to keep up with it. Enjoy your summer with them!