Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quick Update with random iPhone pictures....

Last Saturday, this is what we woke up to. Snow. It made for a really cold, and really muddy soccer game.

Then we had the Cub Scout cake auction. This is the gem that Evan won for a whole $9. It was pretty good too...even though it was store bought. The kids didn't care for it...German guess who got to eat it?

Addison had her 5 year Kindergarten check-up at the doctor. This is the excited, almost Kindergartener before she found out she would be getting 3 shots. She did great though and did not shed one single tear! I was shocked....Maybe she was afraid if she cried she wouldn't get to go to Kindergarten?

Our court had a Cinco de Mayo celebration and the kids got to hit a pinata. I love the look of all the kids faces in these pictures. Oh the anticipation for that candy!! I didnt actually take these pictures. My sweet neighbors did because I was inside taking a final exam. Yay for me.

A week later and this is the weather we got today! Yippee! Now if would only stay. I have a feeling we will see at least one more snow storm though. Gotta love Utah spring.

And a final note....This horrible semester is finally OVER!!!!!! I have never been so relieved to finish a semester before. It was a very challenging 4 months. Summer semester should be much more relaxed... The University of Utah had their commencement exercises yesterday. I felt a little down looking out the window at all the people leaving in their caps and gowns...wishing it was me. One more year to go. Next Spring it will be ME in a cap and gown. I can hardy wait. Happy Spring Everybody!


pete/chris whipple said...

Wow, 1 more year! I hope we can plan on making the trip...if ok with you? We shall see...but sure want to. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day! Love to you and yours.

hapi said...

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