Thursday, October 7, 2010

Soccer Fun....

I havent been as good about taking pictures of the boys' sports this year. But here is my attempt one weekend to capture the essence of our Saturday mornings. Keep in mind that I rarely get to watch an entire game of either boy due to the juggling I have to do between games. Both boys play on Saturday mornings between 8am and 10am on different teams and on different fields. It takes creative measures to get them both there and be able to actually watch a game.

This picture below shows both Ian's on the team. Their coach needed to call one of them something different to keep confusion to a minimum. The blonder boy is Russian and speaks little English and the coach kept yelling "Russian Ian" at him which seemed inappropriate so I offered him the name "Ike" for our Ian. Ian's middle name is Kenneth and so when he was little Denver often called him Ike. So this is what he is called now on his soccer team.

Here is Ian sitting....on break...his favorite part of the game. I have to say that Ian just isnt much of a runner. I think we are going to encourage the coach to try him out as the goalie so at least for part of the game he will actually have an excuse for just standing there!

One of the things that I adore about the games this year are the locations of their fields. Although the boys play at different fields, both of them are located on the same hill above the capital and offer the most spectacular view of the city in the mornings. Not much shade however...but oh, what a view!

And here is Evan...he is so enthusiastic about soccer. He really enjoys it and has improved so much this year! He goes to school with all of these boys on his team so they play soccer at recess together as well. It has really been fun for him to be on the same team again this year.

He is really improving on his running and getting to the ball faster. Last year he hung back a lot for fear of getting kicked but this year he is really digging in and getting a little more aggressive. If there is one thing my boys are not, its aggressive. Not that its a bad thing...unless there is a soccer ball to get to!

Evan likes to play the goalie occasionally and seems to have a knack for it. It makes me a nervous wreck...especially if a ball gets past him but he seems to take it in stride. Here he is about to stop a ball...check out the determination on his face...Love it!

He loves to drop kick the ball out of the box....he says this is what he practices the most at recess every day :)

And here is miss Addison....the mascot I guess. Poor thing gets dragged around all day with me...but she is a good sport as long as she gets a treat when we are all through! One more month of this craziness and then we can rest until Spring soccer!

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pete/chris whipple said...

How Fun!!! I also love your wonderful view! You lucky girl!!! Love ya!