Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Cousin Lauran....

Tonight we went to the wedding reception of my cousin Lauran. I can remember when she was born nearly 23 years ago... She is the daughter of my mom's brother Barry. Here is mom with my uncle, the father of the bride.... ( and below with Addison who really wanted a picture with Grandma!)

Bary and Jill have 4 daughters and they are all turning into the most amazing women. Truly, he and my aunt have done something right because they are just really good girls. Emily is the oldest and served an LDS mission to Texas.

She also just recently graduated from college in the same major that I am in. Lauran and her husband both served LDS missions in Seoul, South Korea and are just the cutest couple. It was fun to see her tonight so happy and looking gorgeous in her white dress. I hope they have many years of happiness together.


Alisha said...

I love weddings!

pete/chris whipple said...

What a beautiful bride! I felt as tho I was kinda there!!! tee hee..someone called me up accidently! Glad your mom came to see you in concert as well..good for Ian to set those knuckleheads straight!