Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Start Your Engines....

Tonight was the annual Pinewood Derby for our scouts. Last year was our very first one....let's just say it was a learning experience and leave it at that. We were much better prepared this year and it showed in the races. We let the boys do the majority of their car helping with little things here and there. Ian chose every color in the palette for his car and Evan went with a little more traditional colors and style. Both cars turned out great.

This was Evan's very first Pinewood Derby and he was pretty excited. His car performed really well, beating both cars that he raced (even though they are technically racing against the clock not the cars). He was equally excited that he ranked 14th out of 40 cars. Evan was awarded his Wolf badge tonight and after an entire year of sitting in the box, mom FINALLY got all of the boys' patches attached to their shirts so they were all official tonight!

This is Ian's second Derby...last year his car placed 38th out of 40. Like I said...learning experience. So this year he placed 25th out of 40. He would have been disappointed in that except for the fact that his car actually beat one of the cars he raced with and what's more important apparently is that this car that he beat was the kid who won the whole thing last year AND is in his class at school. Poor Noah....he was not a happy camper about losing....sadly, Im not sure who was more upset, him or his daddy. Ian was awarded the World Conservation Badge tonight. This was a great honor and not something that many scouts receive. His den made special efforts at improving the environment and donated money to save the Panda's in China.

It was a great night! I do have to share this funny picture of Ian. After his den was awarded their patches, the scoutmaster grabbed Ian on his way off the 'stage' and asked him to choose the scout cheer. Ian discussed this at length with the guy as you can see from the picture and ended up making up his own 'cheer'..... It takes Ian half an hour to decide something as simple as what treat to buy at the store so this was a bit stressful for him. He is soooooo indecisive. Im sure the scoutmaster didnt know what to think ;)

After the races were through they let the kids have their own little races between each other. Ian and Evan just HAD to race their cars against each other. Evan's car won by a hair.... Here they are at the starting line, ready to go!

Here are some videos of the cars racing if you care to take a look. We had a great time!

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aimee said...

u have lovely kids...i wish i'd be blessed with cute kids too...we've been trying for 3 years and still no luck...well, i'm happy to see the smiles of ur gives me hope...tnx