Saturday, August 20, 2011

Random Stuff....

We finally received Denver's official diploma in the mail. Needless to say we were very excited about this and proud of Denver for his accomplishment. 3 more grueling semesters and I will have my own to brag about :)

Addison is so excited to start Kindergarten. We bought this funky new curling iron and she loves the way it makes her hair look. She has decided that she wants to grow it out, much to my dismay, and therefore we have to find new ways to do her hair while she is letting it grow.

We took Addison to meet her teacher for the first time the other night. She was soooo happy to be in her classroom and see her name every where she looked.

We got to watch little Jude the other night. Poor thing had to escape Addison trying to play mommy at every turn. She was so upset that he wouldnt let her hold him but he is at that age where running and exploring is more fun than being held.

We went school shopping for everyone at once. Due to my surgery, it ended up being put off until this weekend. I knocked everything out in one day: clothes, shoes, haircuts, backpacks, and school supplies. Needless to say we were beat! The picture above is Addison modeling one of her new outfits. She made me take a picture of her in every single thing we bought her.... silly girl :)

School starts Monday for me, Wednesday for the kids....even though I am sad to see the summer go, we are ALL ready for school to start!

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Alisha said...

Can't believe Addison will be in Kindergarten. She is so cute!