Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Rest of the Holiday's....

Im going to combine the rest of our Holiday into this one save time and catch up quick. I was fortunate enough to watch my nephew Jude one day while Nate and Alisa went skiing. This baby is the sweetest natured child I have ever met. I had good babies...dont get me wrong...but this one is special. He seriously only cries when he is hungry and I wouldnt even call it a cry. His big blue eyes are constantly staring at me and then he breaks into this big grin and I seriously just want to eat his face.... LOVE him so much!!

While I babysat Jude, Denver took the kids sledding since we had received 6 inches of snow that previous night. They were anxious to use their new tubes. Here was Addison a few days before when we were supposed to get snow but didnt. She was highly disappointed as you can see. On a side note, here is Addison with her new Barbie Dream House all set up. She is so happy with this present....hours of playtime :)

For our family Christmas gift, Nathan and Alisa gave us a one night stay at the downtown Hilton. They wrapped the paperwork for it and the kids looked a little perplexed by the gift at the time of opening but boy did they enjoy the gift when we actually took advantage of it!

We checked in on Saturday and headed straight for the indoor pool.

Nothing like swimming in the Winter to make you really excited for Summer! After we swam we showered up and headed across the street for dinner at Macaroni Grill

and then went to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights.

It was beautiful as usual but I think it is always more effective to see these during the season....once Christmas is over it's a little least for me it is. Still, despite the balmy 10 degrees outside and the frozen thumbs, we enjoyed it.

Addison was on a mission to see Jesus. She didnt want to see the lights at all...she just kept screaming that she wanted to go see Jesus. So here she is.....with Jesus!

Afterward we stopped at Starbucks for some peppermint hot cocoa and then went back to the hotel and played board games. It was a lot of fun to just get away from the house for a night. I highly recommend it :)

So now, the kids are back in school and I have to say as much as I loved the Winter break this year it is nice to get back into routines. There is something to be said about having some "quiet" time! I start back to school next week and I am nervous but excited now that I am getting into my Major classes. I will be taking a Grammar class, a Theory class, a Writing class, and a Childrens Literature class. Should be fun and busy!

As for the New Year, Im not big on making resolutions because I nearly always fail at them however, there is something to be said about setting goals and trying to move forward through life rather than sitting still. With that being said, I think this year my goal is to stop limiting myself. There is no reason I cannot accomplish all of the things that I dream about and so that is what I am going to focus on. That, and Im going to try really hard to be nicer to myself....I tend to be very self critical and I see this manifesting itself in my son Ian. As far as the other New Years resolutions, like losing weight....well, I believe that will be a lifelong battle for me and so Im just going to do my best to keep a handle on it. That's about all I can do at this point.

I hope you all have a Fabulous 2011 and that all of your dreams come true ;)


pete/chris whipple said...

Talk about cute hair! I love yours! and I love all the writings of Christmas and your family pics and all! That baby does look yummy!!! What a great present Nathan and Alisa gave you..YOU deserved that sweet time! ENJOY 2011 and school.

Alisha said...

sounds like a fun break...back to the grind!