Monday, August 23, 2010

End of Summer Fun....

You can always tell Summer is nearing its end when you wake up and its below 60 degrees in Salt Lake City. It seems like we hardly had a Summer this year with only a few weeks of decently hot weather....I sure do love the Summer storms though. They make great Rainbows!

Sadly, we didnt do much swimming this year but the boys' Taekwondo studio has a yearly BBQ at one of the instructors homes so I took the kids up there for the event.

They had such a great time and I enjoyed getting to know their instructor a little better as well as a few other parents. Can I just say what a GORGEOUS home this was....Ive decided that if I ever become fortunate to own a nice home, I want a view like this! Her house was literally right underneath the big "U" on the mountain above the University of Utah. Her back yard/pool overlooks the entire Salt Lake Valley.

I really could have sat there and soaked it in all night long. Breathtaking. We got our fill of swimming for sure....I thought the kids' skin was going to fall off due to all the wrinkling.

Now it is the week of school for the rest of us (Ian has already been in for 3 weeks). Me and Addison start today and Evan starts on Wednesday. With the chill in the air in the morning already, Halloween is sure to be here tomorrow....time really flies.

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pete/chris whipple said...

How fun to take the kids swimming, they must have loved it! Sorry Summer is about over and the weather now begins soon..enjoy FALL!