Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009.....

Well, I wanted to write something fun and interesting for my first post of the year....however, Im just too tired. Sorry. My New Years Eve was spent in front of a proof machine working, but dont feel sorry for me. I wouldnt have been out doing anything anyway. Ive never understood New Years Eve really. Even when I was single and "having a good time" I never really liked the concept of New Years Eve. Dont get me wrong, celebrating the coming of the new year is great! Im all about welcoming in another chance to wipe the slate clean and accomplish my goals. I guess I just dont need a party to usher it in. Quiet recognition that it is a new day in a new year is enough for this girl.

So, what about those Resolutions? I tried explaining this concept to the kids this morning.....with not much response other than "mom, are we going to play Wii boxing now or what?".... Geesh....where are my priorities? I did, after that comment, enjoy a rigorous upper body workout on Wii Sports. I think playing that once a day will have to be one of my resolutions! I would have arms and back of steel if I boxed like that every day., the resolutions. Here are my big ones:

  • Lose cliche is that? How many times have I failed at this resolution? Not this year, I promise you!

  • Be able to run a 10k by June.....which I wont be able to do unless I accomplish the first resolution

  • Be a better wife and mother....more patience, less criticism

  • Love myself more....which will help me attain all of my goals

  • Go Back to hopes of actually finishing this time
I have some other smaller resolutions that I will keep to myself but, in a nutshell, this is the year I become a better person both physically and mentally.

I was thinking of posting a top 10 list from 2008. Like most years, it was up and down. Good sometimes and not so good other times. Overall though it was decent and compared with some, I have nothing to complain about. I love my family and even though we are done having children, I am enjoying watching the kids grow and become bigger-little kids.....they bring me so much joy that it overshadows just about anything negative.

I hope that you all have the best year of your lives and keep those resolutions or at the very least have fun while breaking them! :)


pete/chris whipple said...

I love to celebrate anything and so I guess bringing in the new year was fun to be with a few friends and stay up later than we do any other time of the whole year!! (We are paying for it today) But what I don't like is the whole "new years resolution" thing... I tend to never do any because of fear of of not keeping any. Does that make any sense? Anyway, 2008 was pretty fabulous..and ended superb with all the kids together after a long pause and of course seeing your dad and mom was so great... Family pictures was another highlight of the very last of 2008! Love u and Happy New Year! Have fun with Marcy!

Wyatts said...

I sure have giggled a lot over my call the other night as I've told my mom and sister about it. Too funny. Anyways good-luck with your resolutions. I'm really bad at goal setting too (like my mom ~ afraid to fail) But hey that's why it's a new year right? A new start.

The Birch Bunch said...

Vanessa, I love how you always comment and I love your word - "BECOME". I may choose it for next year's word. I follow your other blog too occasionally. You motivate me to get back on the wagon. It will be a good year, you will "become" all these great things you desire. You deserve it.