Sunday, January 18, 2009 littlest brother is 33!

Today is Jeff's birthday....he is 33! Im laughing because when I was talking to him earlier today he said he realizes he is now officially "in his 30's". I wish I was just barely getting into my 30's. I guess that is the luxury of being the youngest in a always feel "young" because your siblings are older. Oh well. Jeff is such a great brother and I love him lots. You will see the picture on my sidebar (fav pic of the week) is Jeff as a little boy. He had the best personality and loved to impersonate Popeye which is why he is wearing the sailor hat!
Happy Bday careful, your 40's are just around the corner :)


pete/chris whipple said...

Oh Jeff you are Lloyd thru and thru!(in looks) I love you and hope you had a nice birthday... You were always such a happy boy and know you have grown into a special man.

Turleyfam said...

Happy Happy Birthday Jeff!