Sunday, August 5, 2007

First Day of School...for Ian anyway.

Well, August 1st brought the first day of school for Ian. It was also the day that Alec went home to Phoenix. Needless to say it was a busy morning. I took the day off of work so that I could be there for Ian. It kills me not to be able to get the boys ready each morning for school. I have to rely on Denver to make sure they brush their teeth, eat breakfast, wear matching clothes, and comb their hair. That's a lot to ask from him considering he comes home from work at 1am..... Anyway, so I took the day off and got Ian ready for his first day of First Grade. He is very excited. Because of the program he is in, he moves to each grade with pretty much the same kids each year. He is going to forge some pretty strong friendships because of it and I think that is so great. I know he probably misses out a little on meeting new people but he gets to do that through Chess Club and other activities. His new teacher is Mrs. Flowers and she seems like a really nice lady. I hope that he likes her as much as his Kindergarten teacher. Evan was pretty bummed out that day because he lost both of his big to school, and one to his "real" home.....ha ha. To make him feel better, we went and bought his school backpack. He wanted a Transformer but had to settle with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Obviously every other kids in Salt Lake City wanted Transformer back packs and that is why we couldnt find a single one and I tried to explain that he should be different and get the helped a little but I think he was still a little disappointed. He was happy after we bought a Transformer notebook though......

We are still trying to find someone to watch Addie during the 9 hours a week that Denver is in school. It is hard because I dont want to pay as much as people are asking and I dont want her with total strangers. We only have 3 weeks to find someone so I am getting a little nervous. I am trying to get an "In Home" position with my job. It might take me a couple of months to actually get it but it will solve our problem big time. I will be able to work while the boys are at school and Denver can watch Addie while Im working. I can also work a little after everyone is in bed. It wont make quite as much as I am making now but without paying for gas and babysitting, it will end up putting us ahead.

Well, a little about Addison: I think she is vying for a spot on American Idol. She sings ALL the time. Mostly the Harry Potter theme and the theme from Star Wars....thanks to her brothers. Sometimes she just starts singing in the car to the radio. It is so cute. Im going to try and caputre it on video and see if I can post it here....we'll see if it works! Anyway, she is such a little girl. Anything that is in the shape of a ring becomes a bracelet. Evan has a little doctor bag with a handle and yesterday Addison put on her "bracelets" and was carrying the bag around like a purse. I have no idea where she gets it from considering that I very rarely wear jewelry especially not bracelets and I only carry a purse once in a while. Either way it is so cute! She is a show off and apparantly is an aspiring pageant queen considering the way she she is a parade! I just love her. I cant wait to put her in dance class. She dances to any beat she hears including me banging rythmically on a box. She is definitely musically inclined.

Well, Im off to get Ian's homework finished with him. We have put it off until the last minute which is horrible. Im teaching him how to be a procrastinator and Ive got to quit! I'll get right on week.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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