Monday, July 30, 2007

Summers' End

Well, it is Monday. I didnt post yesterday because I had a really bad weekend. Long story short, I wrecked the van. It is rather embarrassing to admit that I hit a fixed object (a cement post) but I guess that was actually a good thing. Much better that, than another car with people in it. Anyway, the whole passenger door has to be replaced so we are currently driving a rental vehicle. I finished the Harry Potter book last Tuesday. Best book of the series! I wont say anything to spoil it, but it was pretty intense. I cried....a lot....and had no idea what was going to happen until the very end. I wont say how it ended but I will say that she made a good decision with the way she finished it. I am going to read it again this weekend. For those still reading or planning to read, make sure you dont listen to the spoilers. It will ruin the intensity of the book.

So, this week was uneventful (besides the wreck). We went and saw a movie on Saturday. It was Ratatouille. Super cute movie focusing on good food. The kids liked it. I have actually been pretty sick all week and lost my voice for a couple of days. Thankfully the worst has passed and I can speak again. We went swimming this afternoon (foggy picture to the left) but it didnt last long due to someones kid pooping in the pool. They made everyone get out and closed it for 2 hours....needless to say we didnt want to wait around so we went and got pizza and a couple of movies. The boys are watching "How to Eat Fried Worms" as I type. What a funny movie!

Well, the end of summer is quickly approaching. It ends in 2 days for Ian as he starts school on August 1st. We spent this past week buying school clothes and supplies for him. He got a letter in the mail the other day from his new 1st grade teacher and was feeling pretty good about that. He is very excited to learn about Australia this year and also that he gets 3 recesses! Makes me miss school...... Evan is very upset that he has to wait 3 more weeks for his school to start. He goes on August 24th. He cant wait to be in Kindergarten and go to his new school- Bonneville Elementary. Im excited for him to experience everything that Ian did last year. I worry about his tenderness sometimes though and am pretty sure there will be a few tears shed during the year. I hate the thought of him getting hurt by his friends but I guess that is part of childhood. I only hope I have the ability as a mom to help him through it without being too protective.... :)

So, Alec returns home on August 1st. It has been a pretty easy going month with him considering he is in the midst of pre-teenage angst. I was pretty nervous at first but other than a few eye rolling incidents and one or two attitude problems, he was pretty mellow. The month passed by really quickly and the boys are going to be pretty sad when he leaves. It is always hard for them and the questions they ask show that they still dont understand the situation completely. Denver was able to spend some time alone with Alec this time which was good for both of them. Alec will be 18 before you know is hard to believe that I have known Alec and been his step mom since he was only 3 or 4 years old.

Well, I think we had a great summer. We saw alot of movies, went on some picnics, watched the fireworks, went swimming. All in all it was fun. Next year I think we are going to attempt a trip....maybe to San Diego/Disneyland. We'll see........

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Alisha said...

Great pictures! Finished the book...loved it! She did a great job! Fortunately, I managed to avoid any spoilers and was thrilled throughout the entire book. I can't believe that Ian is already starting school...why do the boys start on different dates? Just wondering.