Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Pictures

So, Im going to try and do this each Sunday I guess. Seems to be the only time I have to sit at the computer anymore. We had a nice week. Didnt do a lot during the week because of work of course, but on Saturday we had a big day! First I went to Alisa's baby shower which was lots of fun. We are so excited for her and it was fun to see all of her friends giving her fun gifts for their little boy. I thought it was funny though because anyone who knows Nate knows what a fashion freak he has ALWAYS been and it seemed to emulate through all of the gifts that were given to the baby. Very stylish onsies and outfits.....every one kept saying how Nate was going to love them and I finally said "I thought this was a shower for the new baby not Nathan"......ha ha...... We love you Nate and know you will enjoy the stylish gifts..........even more than Soren will. I made a cake for the shower which of course drove me crazy. Im not sure why I do it because the process drives me nuts and I almost never really like the end result, but I guess I do enjoy it and I always hope the recipient likes it too. I made this cake to match Alisa's shower invitation and it turned out cute.

After the shower was over, me and all the boys went to see the new Harry Potter movie. I have been waiting to see it all week since it came out on Wednesday.....Denver was nice enough to stay home with Addison so I could really enjoy the movie. Wow it was great. I just love Harry Potter and cant wait for the new book which comes out in 6 days. Sadly it will be the last one and I guess I will have to find some other book to read. Addison loves to sing and has been singing the theme to Harry Potter all week. Even in church she will start "singing" during the song. I think music affects her....Im very happy about that.

Today, we went to church and afterwards we went and had some new family pictures taken. It has been awhile since we have had any taken with me and Denver in them. I have avoided it for years because of my weight but I finally decided that Im going to just have to do it because the last picture we took, Ian was just 9 months old and now he is 6! We have had 2 other children since then. Anyway, I posted the new picture above and below are a couple more.

Well, that is about it until next week........


Alisha said...

Great cake! Love the pictures, too! You all look great!

Chrissy said...

Thank you Vanessa for sending your darling family picture! I have my haircut very similar to yours!! love you, Aunt Chrissy

Steven Vawdrey said...

Nice job, Vanessa! You've definitely made more progress with your Blog than I have--you've set a good example so I guess I better get busy.

You have a nice family.

Take care,