Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Arrow of Light....

Look at my sweet, fresh faced little Cub Scout....just starting out.  I swear I took this picture just yesterday.

But no...sadly, it was 4 years ago and tonight Ian graduated from Cub Scouts.  He received his Arrow of Light award.  Look at what a difference 4 years makes!!  I am so proud of him.

Here is the whole den.  I love that he spent his entire Cub Scouts with just about all of these boys. It's so nice for kids to have something constant like this to remember.

 Proud Mom and son :)

Ian and his AMAZING den leaders...and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  Without them, Ian would definitely not have been here today.  They have been so helpful to me since I have been an epic failure at being the good scouting mom.

 He worked hard to get its on to the Big Boy Scouts!!!

Ian invited his best friend Gabe to come to the ceremony.

And here is pretty little Addison....with the rose Ian gave me tonight :)

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Jenny said...

Why do these kids grow up so fast! So not fair!