Saturday, September 3, 2011

2011 School Pictures....

This year I made the decision to take my kids to a studio for school pictures.  Now that Addison is in Kindergarten that means 3 packages of pictures from the school photographer and just one pose to choose from.  The price for the "standard" school package is $30 which includes 40 of the same picture in different sizes.  Its a complete waste of money really.  So, instead of spending $90 on pictures I dont really like or use, I spent $80 on some great pictures from FotoFly in Draper.  We just love the studio.  The kids always have a good time and they seem to be able to bring the best out in all 3 of my children.  These are just 4 pictures out of 50 that they took and the best part....we get a CD with all the images and the copyright to them so I can print, post, and share them as much as I want!!  Best deal in town.

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