Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Visit from Dad...

I've mentioned before that Denver is working in South Carolina with his company, Boeing. It was a good work opportunity that he couldn't really turn down but I was in the middle of school and didn't want to disrupt that, so me and the kids stayed behind. It turns out that it will not be a permanent move. Denver is currently working toward a move to Texas...but that is a different story for a different post. For now, he tries to come home every 5-6 weeks for a visit. The kids were really excited this time...more so than see their dad. Here they are in the car waiting at the airport to pick him up...dont they look excited!

We have had a good time so far. Yesterday we headed up to Park City to ride on the Alpine slide.

I hadn't done this since high school and when I rode one in Steamboat Springs recently I knew I wanted to take the kids up to Park City to ride it. It was fun!

Addison rode with me and after the first few turns her nervousness disappeared and she was screaming right along with me.

Denver got a little crazy and went too fast, nearly coming out of his sled and scraped the skin off of his elbow and knee.

The boys were a little slow and cautious but I think next time they will go a lot faster!!

After we finished, we stopped at McDonalds for lunch...

...then took a drive up Lambs Canyon. It is so beautiful right now in the and colorful!

Today we packed a picnic lunch and went to Liberty Park to eat it.

It was a beautiful warm day and after we ate we went over to Tracy Aviary to see the birds.

It was fun and everyone is pretty tired...I think tomorrow we will just hang out around the house or maybe head up to Red Butte Gardens for lunch....


pete/chris whipple said...

Beautiful family, scenery, day!!! Wow! How fun for you all to have Denver home.

Kim . . . wyomingmade said...

your kids in their shades and all their facial expressions totally crack me up!