Monday, February 7, 2011

New Program Testing

, originally uploaded by vanishani.

Im using this photo of Addison and her school project, Koda the Koala bear, to test my new way of posting photos... I got a new computer and the photo storing program doesnt let you just upload photos to the blog. You have to send it to Flickr first then "blog it" from Flickr. Not sure I like it this way because it only lets me do one photo at a time... Im sure there is a way around it but I havent figured it out yet. Until then, I will see how this works.


Amy @ OurScoop said...

Hey Vanessa! I'm so happy that I can read your posts from reader now! I LOVE my mac! I've owned one for 12 years now. Even though it's a change, you'll love it too!

I don't know why you have to upload pictures through flickr. I do all mine through blogger. Have you changed your settings?
Sarah has a tutorial to show you how.

She also uses Picasa. Which is great! You can post pictures to blogger from there if you'd like.

pete/chris whipple said...

WE loved Tangled!!! WE took Trevon, Camdon and others with us to see it and all the boys loved it too. So cute.. would like to own that one.