Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday = Funday....

Today we ventured over to Draper for a photo shoot at a new studio called Foto Fly. I have mentioned them before but now I have the goods to show you how much fun this place is! Most of you who know me know that I was a Kiddie Kandids devotee for years. Although I never completely LOVED everything they did or their options, it was better than Sears or the really expensive studios that I could not afford. Well, now that they are forever closed and I have lost all of my pictures, never to be able to re-order them again, I was feeling a little lost. Enter Foto Fly. They have taken the basic concept of Kiddie Kandids and reinvented it totally into an amazing experience coupled with amazing prices. Their studio is gorgeous and they have the most amazing rooms with bright colors, fun patterns, and great chairs. This is not Kiddie Kandids....its like the grown up version but even better. Everyone on the staff was super friendly and great with my kids. We got an entire HOUR of picture taking and the best part.....we get ALL the images on disk for a super low price! The one thing that drove me nuts about the formerly mentioned studio was that I could only afford to purchase one image even when there were other cute ones taken. Foto Fly gives them all to me on a disk and I can post them as much as I like on my blog, facebook, etc....without legal ramifications :) Anyway, I just cant say enough about them. Its dreamy to finally have somewhere to go for pictures again....without taking out a loan to pay for them!! (these are only a fraction of the pictures we got today)


Alisha said...

Every mother's dream...great pictures that are affordable. I wish we had a Foto Fly nearby...let them know we want them in Alabama!

pete/chris whipple said...

Those are some CUTE pictures! How fun you must be having with your family! love you!

skcoe said...

HALT. (Sorry for the inturruption, I found this on Melinda Adam's Facebook page and had to jump over and see your pics)

Did I take your middle son's (and daughter's?!) pictures at the FotoFly school shoot a few months ago? They look so FAMILIAR, I'd know those cute faces anywhere! I'm so glad you came back, Eric's studio is second to none and I was so happy to work for him for just one more day. (I'm back to being a full-time mom for now...)

Will you drop me an email and let me know if I'm delusional or on the money? I'd love to know how you liked the school shots!

Have a wonderful (hot) summer day!

Sheryl Coe