Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tiny Updates.....

Wow. We are busy. Its all good though.... keeping busy isnt necessarily a bad thing. Here are a couple of pics to update our week.

First, we have a new scout in the household. Evan has started scouts. He is VERY excited as he thought he would have to wait another year before he could go since he doesnt turn 8 until next April. Ian has moved into the Bear's....... both boys meet on Wednesday's at 4pm but at different churches. Lucky for me Evan's is just a block or two away so he can ride his bike and we only have to take Ian.

Lets see....Ian had his first scrimmage game this week.

That was pretty interesting and entertaining. He still isnt sold on this Football thing and frankly, Im not sure he ever will be but he is being a good sport and trying to keep a good attitude. After the game, he kindly slammed Addisons finger in the van door and so we spent about 3 hours at the Instacare clinic making sure it wasnt broken....I was sure it was, but nope. Just really sore and swollen and blue.

Spent some time at the park with my cute Nephew Soren.....and my brother too. He liked the swing!


Melanie said...

I can't believe that your kids are old enough to be in scouts. They sure make cute cub scouts. And ouch! Addison's finger looks so sore. Hope it is feeling better.

Mother Bird said...

Hey Vanessa You are welcome in delaware anytime! we miss you guys.

pete/chris whipple said...

What cute scouts!!!!!!! Been gone, I hope you had a fabulous birthday!