Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring! Is not here yet......

Well, Im up this morning getting the kids off to school and guess what? Its snowing! Ugh...March/April are the worst months of the year in my opinion because they tease you with warm weather but wont hesitate to throw a snowstorm in to keep you on your toes....or in your boots! 70 degrees on Saturday, snowing this morning. Oh well..the good news is that the temps today should be warm enough to melt it all away and Spring is truly just around the corner. Even though Fall is really my favorite season, I love Spring too. The smell of fresh cut grass and fertilizer....the new blossoms on the trees and the birds seem to chirp more than in the summer. Its just a renewing of life and that part is so cool. Denver complains about the snow a lot and when we lived in Arizona we both complained about the heat a lot. But you know, I just dont think I could stand living somewhere that you didnt have all 4 seasons. Ok, maybe Monterey, California...but even then I think I would miss the snow. If only the snow season could be a little shorter :)

We are excited at the prospect of going to Reno over Easter weekend to see my parents new house and to celebrate Easter and Addison and Evan's birthdays with them. Addie's actually falls on Easter Sunday this year. We are going to drive and it should take about 7 will be a fun experience.

Ian is about to start his spring break...2 weeks off school. And just when his ends, Evan's begins! Although his is only 1 week long. Sure would be nice if they were at the same time. Ive got to figure out something for them to do the whole time so we can avoid the "youve been on the Wii for too long" fight. Since I have been off of work I have been trying to organize my files and get our house in better order. So far I have been successful enough to get our taxes filed, sortof...there are some issues. And, file for review of a debt that Denver owes which should save us about $6000! As nice as it has been though, Im going to have to find another job soon. Unemployment is treating me kindly for now but it will run out eventually.

We are bringing Denvers mom out here this summer to stay for a little while...she says 6 weeks and Denver wants 6 months....I am happy to have her for as long as she wants to be here. The kids will love it and hopefully she will enjoy it too. We love her and know that she is going through a lot without Don. Alec may or may not be here also. This changes daily and although Denver has tried to get to the bottom of it, there are no conclusions other than Alec is angry and is under the impression that his dad has never tried to see him all these years. Isnt that crazy! I have the pictures to prove that Alec has been with us every year... sometimes twice a year! He doesnt remember the fact that he spent months at a time with us before he started month at our house one month at his moms... not to mention the summers that he spent at least 2 months with us. He was young of course and so he doesnt remember. You'd think his mom would help him remember and not let him believe such a thing... that his dad didnt try to see him! But I guess that really wasnt her agenda. She seems to spend so much time concentrating on what Denver HASNT done that the stuff he has done is like dust in the wind. All Alec is left with is the impression he gets from her, combined with his desire to see his dad more often and it ends up leaving him feeling empty. But what it doesnt mean is that his dad hasnt wanted to see him! He thought he was doing a good thing by letting Alec live his life...not interfering....letting Alec come when he wanted or leave when he wanted. All it has done is backfire on him. She always made it clear from the beginning that she would never support me as Alec's stepmom and she has certainly held true to her word there but thats really OK. His anger is misdirected right now but he is only 14...teenage hormones and day he will realize whats been going on. I have pulled out all the pictures we have from every visit he has ever made to our house. If he does end up coming this summer, I believe we will have a little history lesson. I wonder what he did with all the pictures I sent him home with year after year.... I was hoping to get him here this year because I wanted a new picture of the kids done. Addie was little the last time and it is time for a new one. Hopefully he will decide to come and work things out with his dad and I. If his mom will stay out of it and let him work things out with Denver on his own that would the best thing. We had to block her email....and drop her blog which does nothing but cut Denver down on almost every post. Alec is old enough now that Denver will just go through him alone from now on.

Well, Im being summoned for dinner...I'll end this long post now. Hope everyone has had a nice Monday in spite of the snow. And if you didnt have snow today, well Lucky You!


Alisha said...

Crazy Utah weather...I'm with you on not liking it "springy" one day and back to winter the next. That is nice that Carlotta will be able to visit. I am sure she will enjoy it! I know you, Denver and the kids would love having Alec around this summer...hopefully he will visit! What a tough situation...

Anonymous said...

THAT'S A GREAT PICTURE OF CHARLOTTA AND DONALD. I am so glad that Charlotta will be able to visit with you all this summer. It will be great for her to get away for awhile. I have thought about and prayed for the whole family to get through the loss of Don. It will get a little easier to bear as the years pass. My dad has been gone for 14 years and it's still tough at times, but more bearable.

I hate that you and Denver are having a tough time with the situation of Alec. Hopefully things will get better as he gets older and matures.... and when he isn't under other influences, and realizing what has gone on. Definitely give him a history lesson, and maybe he and Denver can spend some time together when/if he comes down for the summer. Sounds like they need a Venting session to lay everything out on the table and to get their feelings out their.

I guess I am rattling on... I tend to do that. I do love to talk though.

Anyways... I wanted to ask you a question about the boys... Do they go to different schools? Just a little curious about the school set up in Utah.

Have a great one...
Oh, it's been in the 70's in KY for 2 days and is suppose to be in the 70's today.

Have a Great Day,
Trena Crum-Hotelling

P.S. I hope that you and Denver had a wonderful Anniversary...... and many more to come your way. :) :) :) :)

Vanessa Shannon said...

Trena - I hope you read this here because I dont have an email address for you! Thank you for the nice comments. They are always appreciated. Regarding schools, my sons actually go to different schools because my oldest is in a gifted program. He is in 2nd grade but is learning on a 4th or 5th grade level. I think the school system is really good here in Utah and our school district in particular offers a lot of really great programs for the kids. Im not sure what exactly you wanted to know but you can email me if you want at and I can give you more specific info if you would like! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Now I know now why Alec hates you so much, clear like crystal!