Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Pictures!

I finally got the kids in for new "school" pictures. I don't do the traditional picture packages that the school photographer takes. Not because they are horrible or anything, but because for less money, I can take my kids into FotoFly and have an hour long session, get all the pictures on a flash drive from the session and print what I want. And lets not forget that they are much better pictures too!

I was late this year. I usually try and do them in Sept or Oct but this year my parents came to town and we took family photos instead. Then it was Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and I am just now getting to them. At least they are still in the same grade!

Obviously I added the pictures to the blog title and off to the side are a few of my favorites. Here are a couple of others that I enjoyed as well as the family photo's from October. One of these days soon I will have to update this blog with an informative post! Once again, its been too long.


Em said...

These are all FABULOUS! Thanks for sharing with us! I think my favorite is of everyone jumping. :)

Dahlia Wright said...

I can't believe how grown up Evan is!! Your kids are adorable.:)