Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009....

Christmas this year was interesting. Without going into too much detail, we have been under a lot of stress. For the first time in my life, I did not enjoy the "holiday season" much at all. We experienced so much stress that it made it difficult to really feel the spirit of the season. I didnt even have the motivation to put up the outside Christmas lights. We put up our tree and then it was dead 4 days later. It seemed as though anything that could possibly go wrong did. Needless to say, I was left wishing it was over before it really even got started. It was difficult and depressing because Christmas has always been my Favorite time of year.

I will tell you this Christmas day, I was reminded of what really matters about the holiday and that despite the hardships that everyone faces and these tough economic times that we live in today, there are truly people out there with the spirit of Christ in their hearts. We were the recipients of some anonymous generosity as well as generosity from family members and it was an awesome feeling to know that there are people that truly care. I feel badly that I spent the whole month pouting and letting everything affect me so negatively. In the end, Ian claimed that it was the "best Christmas ever"...... so thankfully the kids were unaffected and happy and thats really what matters most to me.

Alec came in on the Sunday before Christmas and we have enjoyed having him here this year.

He has really grown up and the kids just think he is the coolest thing ever. Ian announced tonight that Alec is his hero.... I thought that was cute.

We decorated cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve and even Alec participated, although he ate the cookies that he decorated which was just fine by me!

Santa certainly doesnt need any extra cookies..... wink wink. We had fun seeing movies the day after Christmas and tomorrow, thanks to a gift from Nate and Alisa, we will go to Fat Cats for bowling, eating, and playing games. It has really turned out to be a great Christmas..... I am so grateful for the blessings in my life including my family and friends! Hope you all enjoyed your holiday as well... Here is a slide show of extra pictures taken during Christmas....

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pete/chris whipple said...

So glad you realized the real meaning as sometimes we all forget..Love Ya!!!