Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spring is Coming.....

Yay! I am so excited for winter to be over. The buds are coming up on our Aspen trees....temps are rising....Spring fever! We decided to attempt bikes for the boys again. The first time we bought Ian a bike, he was only 5 and it was not a good experience. Uncle Scott was helping him ride and he fell over and scraped his knee....from that time forward he wouldnt go near a bike and I decided not to push the issue because if you know Ian, he is stubborn and once he makes his mind up that he doesnt like something there is no changing it! Evan never showed any interest. We did finally buy him one when he was 4 and it ended up rusting in the rain and then he threw it down some stairs and bent the wheel frame. So, bikes have been put on the back burner and scooters have been all the craze. They have decided now that they want to learn to ride bikes so we found some cheap ones at Walmart and took them to the park this weekend to try it out. The weather was beautiful on Saturday....of course right now 55 degrees feels like 80 to us! I have to say they did pretty good. I wouldnt agree that they are comfortable and ready to ride on their own yet but I think one more session at the park should do it! Here are some pictures of the experience.... taken on my phone so not great quality....Addie was just climbing things as usual.

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